Objectives of CSRSR Nigeria

The aim of this cross-sector Retreat is to shed light on several implementation that have shifted their strategies to cater for more environmental, economic and social course. It will offer a guideline and opportunity to answer the following questions: what have we done? How did we do it? What was not done well? How it should have been done it? what should we do and when should it start? The retreat therefore establishes a focal point in shaping sustainability practice in relationship to the United Nations Global Goals (SDGs).

The gathering allows sponsors and participants to learn about current challenges in the field of corporate sustainability/ CSR in Nigeria and across the globe, to become more effective agents of change, and to identify possible approaches to sustainability challenges, together with government agencies.


While there are stunning records of impact orchestrated by Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability practices; 


There exist more room for innovative strategy, adaptation, implementation, value creation and communication; 


A focal point in shaping sustainability practice in relationship to the United Nations Global Goals (SDGs); exceeding stakeholders expectations.


Thursday 25 November, 2021 


Virtual Through Zoom, Video and Audio



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Program & Agenda


·         Presentation of selected CSR Report of companies in the last 10 Years.

·         Presentation of the milestones/impact of the report in the past 10 Years

·         Testimonials; corporate, community and individuals and CSR Exhibitions

·       Social, economy and environmental Scene in picture in the absence of CSR Practices

·         Looking forward: challenges facing People Planet and Profit in phases.

·         The Change: opportunities & innovations orchestrated by COVID-19 etc.

·   Core strategy for management buy-in, budgeting, and communications.

Mode: In-person attendance .ie, physical presence

How to Attend: Attendance is free. But by Invitation and Registration